I miss my Willy… (pun completely intended)

So Willy and myself have been spending a lot of QT lately. We’ve been having culinary adventures left and right, and we’ve been out running occasionally to offset the whipped cream and meringue, the chewy oatmeal cookies, the Parano and Beemster cheeses, the mini chocolate chips, challah bread, and (lotsa) wine we’ve been indulging in lately…. But that’s neither here nor there. Damn it, I wish we had photographs! One day, this blog will have them, and it will be simply glorious. The four of you people out there who read this won’t be able to contain yourselves when we get photos up on here. Just sayin’.

Okay, so now for the point of my post this evening. Basically, I would like to acknowledge one simple fact:

I miss Willy. I miss him a lot.

And it’s only been 12.7 hours since I last saw him. Sad Nilly/Pathetic Nilly. Wow.

My schedule at work has been slightly all-over-the-place, and so has Willy’s. In addition, I’m in the process of moving into a new place, and Willy is wrapping up his season for the TV show. Thus, we’ve had to put our day-in/day-out QT on hold for a few days until things settle down in our personal lives. It’s a bummer, because Willy makes me smile all the time. He also makes me delicious chicken dinners and cups of coffee in the mornings. And the worst part is that I seriously struggle with crossword puzzles without his wit and problem-solving skillz. He’s just the best. And when you have the best once, you just want the best all.the.time. Which is how often I want to be with Willy. So, yeah. I miss Willy.

Willy, if you read this, I hope it finds you happy, healthy, and sleeping. (Because you truly don’t get enough of that sleep stuff.)

I love you and look forward to our next adventure 😉 May it be very, very soon!


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