Much-needed updates on food, fun, and family

So Willy and I have not really been updating our adventures lately. Apologies to our readers. Suffice it to say that we have both been insanely busy at work with both of our jobs… BUT we’ve still been making messes–err, memories–in the kitchen, in the city, in the apartment, and generally everywhere we go.

Some highlights:

  • Willy made me sit down and watch my first full-length feature, Up! I actually sat through the entire movie. And I cried. Three times. The first time was 4 minutes into the film. It was beautiful, adorable, funny, and thought-provoking. And I think I broke the Nilly-can’t-sit-still-for-an-hour-and-a-half-while-focusing-on-one-thing curse!
  • Willy started filming his TV show for PBS! Many of you may not know that Willy is a Woodworker, and he works as a technical advisor and occasional guest celebrity on a PBS woodworking show. Season 2 filming started in late June, and Willy has been working tirelessly to ensure that not only do the procedures run smoothly, but that the piecrust tables and the dressing mirrors are, um, roughly cut and ready to go.
  • Willy and I celebrated our 6 month anniversary at the greatest worst Italian restaurant where we had our first official (read: awkward) date! The first time, I think we bonded over the perplexing atrocity of the “Grapenut pudding” dessert, which we were told was a local favorite and was quite popular with the elderly patrons…. This time, there were actual Grapenuts in the pudding, and it tasted a little less like bacon and more like, well, Grapenuts, I guess? So the food sucked pretty badly there, and Willy’s dish swam in cheese while my chicken was so dry it tasted like jerky.  While I hardly consider myself a wine-o after our explorations and weekly adventures at The Wine Bottega, I knew that this house red was pretty nasty. Ah, well! Frankly, we just reveled in the fact that we somehow made it to Date #2 after that crappy excuse for an Italian restaurant. We laughed and kissed and sat on the same side of the booth. Yeah, there were booths. That’s how classy this place was…. 😉 We’ll be back on the next big anniversary, for sure.
  • We baked sourdough bread!!!! Okay, not really. We faked it. We used low fat yogurt in the bread to simulate that “sour” taste. I found a recipe that seemed easy enough in the Betty Crocker Cookbook. The bread turned out quite dense. One might even call it uncooked… but we’ll just say dense instead. Whatever. It tasted good with peanut butter and honey on top.
  • We love peanut butter. Natural peanut butter. With the oil on top you have to stir. Benjamin Franklin once said that “peanut butter is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.” He was such a smart founding father.
  • We also love wine. We’ve been to a couple tastings at the Bottega recently, and last time was the Reisling tasting. Willy went nuts. He loved ’em! I am notoriously picky with whites, and I will tell you, I actually enjoyed the Reislings–especially the one that Willy bought at the end! Delicious, light, and summery. I also nabbed  a cheap bottle of Pinot Noir on my way out… but that’s just habit.
  • Willy treated me to sushi in Christopher Columbus Park! We went to the local (and only) fish market, chatted with the owner about life/fish, and nagged a crossword puzzle to wash our Volcano Roll down. We parked it right under a tree and nommed our way into sushi heaven. We didn’t finish the crossword yet, but we will soon.

Well, this may be our longest post ever! Apologies for the lack of images. I hope to be getting a new digital camera soon, then we will be documenting these events with photos. Trust us: we live pretty damn good lives, Willy/Nilly style, and we want you to have access to the awesomeness.

Willy is away this weekend 😦 …… He’s jetted off to Florida to soak up some sun and to see his lovely family. I miss him. He will come back here very tan, and I will be jealous. But I hope he’s having fun, and I send him and his family all of my love.