Newfies and a Grill

Today is Day #2 of Fake Life with Schweetsies. Willy and I have been commissioned to watch over the three best dogs in the world: Bela, Buddy, and Murphy.

Bela is 8, and supposedly a “Newfoundland”… although, we’re fairly certain she’s a lab or something. She’s the sweetest, most docile of the three. She is also probably the smartest.
Buddy, 11, is a full-blown Newfoundland. All fluff. 160 pounds of solid fluff. He bumbles about and expects to have a fried egg every morning. We deliver.
Murphy is our primary charge. He is a 4-month old Newfie, and he’s figuring out the world. Murphy has a very sheltered, structured life, which includes something called “raw feeding”. The pup literally consumes over a pound of raw turkey, vegetables, and supplements a day. He eats better than 97.59% of the world’s population. And he’s probably going to require therapy later on in his adult doggy life 🙂

We are thoroughly enjoying our time here! There’s a grill that we intend to make full use of in the next couple of days. So we’ll be cooking up our normal Willy-Nilly Experimental Fare. Expect some STEAK and CHICKEN, on the grill, possibly with a nice IPA or a summer Belgian beer. Yaaaay. Oh, and there’s a hot-tub, too. Yaaaaaay even more.


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